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Keep Remote Work on Point with Productivity App

Remote work expanded across many industries in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic hit the fast-forward button on the work-from-home market and hybrid office model.Now, not only major corporations, but also small and mid-sized businesses are adapting to the “new normal,” as workers at all levels who discovered the flexibility and potential of remote work are making plans to continue it either full- or part-time, even as the pandemic health risks recede.

To this point, business leaders are seeking tools to help them manage decentralized offices and work teams. Fortunately, there’s an app for that.Eturi, the San Diego-based software company behind the award-winning parenting app, Ourpact, has launched Motiv, an app designed as a business solution for the work-from-home market.Motiv features a mobile-first dashboard that allows CEOs and team leaders to monitor collaboration remotely and track productivity.Easy access to metrics makes hybrid work not only possible, but productive.”I understand how challenging it is to lead effectively from a decentralized operation,” says Amir Moussavian, CEO of Eturi.”I value the corner-office vantage point; being able to tune into the hum and buzz of my team collaborating,” he says.

“Now, I can access those key insights from my device and subsequently use them to make decisions and lead effectively in real time.”Another key feature is privacy — the app’s simple style requires no plug-ins or other installations on company computers, which makes it equally accessible for small and medium companies as well as large corporations.Team collaboration, whether in person or remote, is essential for business success. As colleagues learned how to collaborate digitally, they discovered not only the benefits, but the pitfalls.

One important lesson is the value of investing in reliable technology.Many companies that had to pivot quickly to remote or hybrid work now have the chance to evaluate their tools and technology, and upgrade as needed to ensure continued successful collaboration across a range of locations and work environments.Motiv has launched and the initial services include providing summaries of email and confer- ence-call activity with integrations into Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, while more integrations are planned.Visit motiv.com for more information or search on the app store to download at no cost during a trial period.

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